The Foundation

The Tereza Zikovska Foundation supports the work of the art gallery of the same name, created to function as an exhibition hall and a cultural centre, where different culture and social art activities take place. The foundation strives to attract children and adults with disabilities, who can find a way to express themselves through the means of art.


Exhibiting works of Bulgarian and foreign authors in individual and collective displays; presenting the modern trends in visual arts; introducing the work of established and young painters including students and children who take part in the gallery’s workshops.

Informal Art Education

Organizing courses, classes and workshops in different art fields and foreign languages for kids and adults. The activities take place in artistic and informal atmosphere.

  • Painting – the classes are led by Tereza Zikovska.
  • Literature and painting – the workshop “ Words in colour and colours in words” is led by Elena Vladova and Tereza Zikovska.
  • Music – the opera singer Stanislava Marcheva leads musical classes, Ani Furnadjieva (concert master of Varna Opera) leads violin classes and Dimitar Furnadjiev (piano player at Varna Opera) leads piano lessons.

In the summer of 2018, Adriana Nikolova – Pechenkata ran her first beatbox workshop in Varna.

In August 2019 Mariya Ilieva will run a workshop.

Film Screenings

“Tereza Zikovska” gallery functions as a chamber lounge for watching movie classics, new European films and films by Bulgarian directors.

Concert and theatre activities

“Tereza Zikovska” foundation supports artists in the fields of music and stage arts who present their projects at the gallery. In July and August 2018 the artistic duo Philip Milanov and Valeri Milenkov (Arabesk ballet) presented their original spectacle “Inside collapse”, which was created specially for the art gallery’s space and atmosphere.

On the 18th of December, 2018, the actress and poetess Daniela Viktorova presented her book of poetry “ Letters with no sender”.

“Tereza Zikovska” Art Gallery starts the fundraising for realisation of its social and cultural project by organising a Christmas market.