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How Did Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery Come to Life

There are places in the world saturated with spiritual energy, and one such spot is Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery.

Is there a more cherished experience than giving life to something? You put part of your personality, dreams and perception of beauty in it. Tereza Zikovska has managed to transform all this in the gallery she created.
As part of Varna cultural life, the gallery opens in 2011 in the oldest part of the city – the Greek neighbourhood, but is later situated on the small and lively ‘Voden’ street in the heart of Varna, where you can feel the spirit of the city.
Tereza succeeded in realizing her ideas about hospitable place, where different art fields can meet.

About The Design and History of The Art Gallery

The gallery officially opened in February, 2018. It has two levels with a total floor area of 100 m2 .
The first level welcomes you straight from the street. It is spacious and bright with a minimalistic design. The second lower level offers a more intimate atmosphere with eclectic interior, combining modern architectural and space solutions with part of the castle wall of the ancient city. There is a sacral place, resembling a chapel, bearing the colour and the spirit of ancient Odessa.

The gallery is suitable for organising different cultural events for chamber audience.

The Perfect Place for Art Exhibitions in Varna

 ‘Tereza Zikovska” art gallery functions as an exhibition hall, where you can see the works of contemporary Bulgarian and foreign visual artists, working in different art fields. The gallery also hosts concerts, dance and theatre performances, cinema screenings and literature events. Here you can meet children and young people who attend lessons in painting and sculpture or the creative workshop “Sunny bunnies discover new worlds”.

“Draw yourself a picture” is a class for adults who want to develop their drawing skills. There are also literature and artistic classes called "Words in colour and colours in words'' which combine literature and painting. The gallery also hosts special master classes for professionals.

In the cosiness of the rooms, decorated with paintings, under the sound of some quiet music you can find your place for celebrating your personal and professional events.

Painting in the red temple-like niche in Art Gallery Tereza Zikovska, Varna

Art exhibition in the minimalistic, contemporary space of Art Gallery Tereza Zikovska in Varna    A look at Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery from the outside on Voden street in Varna

Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery is an artistic space mixing modern design with elements of the ancient wall of Odessos, the old town of Varna

The eclectic design of Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery is emphasising the uniqueness of different art forms - painting and sculptures, and makes their features pop     The opening of a contemporary art exhibition in Tereza Zikovska Art Gallery in Varna