Alyosha Kafedjiiski

Alyosha Kafedjiiski was born on the 7th of July, 1937 in the town of Chiprovci. He graduated “Sculpture” in the class of Prof. Lyubomir Dalchev in The National Academy of Arts in 1964. Since then he’s been living and working in Varna with his wife – the painter Kina Petrova. He is interested not so much in the transformation of the painting into an object, but in finding a spiritual equivalent, reflecting the dramatic change of the value system. The form is expressive and subjected to the intuitive inner impulses of the painter.
Kafedjiiski has solo exhibitions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Lovech and Russe. His works were also on display in Russia, Italy, Germany, Holland and others.

As part of group exhibitions, his paintings were on display in Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Turku - Finland, Delemont - Switzerland, Odessa, etc. His works are on display in galleries in almost all big cities in the country and also in Moscow’s “Pushkin” museum, as well as in Prague.

The author works in the field of the figurative sculpture. His preferred materials are bronze, stone, wood, welded metal, combinations of bronze and coloured wood, ceramics and others.

“The artist should be a model of morality – says the sculptor- Otherwise, when time passes by, nobody will remember him and he may become a conformist. I’ve always avoided the craftsmanship in art. As a sculptor I’m against subjecting the art to making objects, because then it will serve only the narrow-minded taste and will be suitable only for the market. If the painter is faithful to his principles, he will survive.
The one who dedicates his life to art should know his life won’t be easy.”

The sculptor Alyosha Kafedjiiski giving an interview during the opening of one of his exhibitions.