Tereza Zikovska

Tereza Zikovska lives and works in Varna. In 1993 graduated from the Middle School of Applied Arts in Sofia. In 1998 she got her diploma from the National Academy of Arts in the class of Prof. Vassil Ovcharov and prof. Vihroni Popnedelev. From 1999 until 2006 she worked as an assistant lecturer in painting at Varna Free University.

Tereza is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Painters. She’s the owner of the Art Gallery Tereza Zikovska. In 2015 she received „Media AwARTs” - First independent awards for culture – Varna.

Tereza Zikovska's Solo Exhibitions:

2017 “Arosita” Gallery - Sofia, “Tango”
2016 Bulgarian Cultural Institute "Haus Wittgenstein" , Vienna, “Puzzle”
2015 UN Art club, Vienna, Austria, “Puzzle”
2014 “Nessi” Gallery, Burgas, “Puzzle”
2013 Tereza Art Gallery, Varna, “Rope walkers”
2012 Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Prague, “Whisper”
2012 “Arosita” Gallery – Sofia, “Whisper”
2011 “The quiet nest” Gallery, Balchik Palace, “The heart of the palace”
2011 Tereza Art Gallery, Varna, “ Anatomy of Love”
2011”Gallery 8”, Varna, “La Dolce Vita”
2010 “OT – TO” Gallery, Varna, “Insights”
2008 Radio Varna Gallery - “Eve’s faces”
2007 Varna City Exhibition Hall “Boris Georgiev”, Varna
2006 “Gallery 8” Varna
2005 “Art Street” Gallery, Sofia, “Summer”
2005 “Visage” Gallery, Sofia
2003 “Stefan Boyadjiev” Gallery, Burgas, “Naked Body”
2002 “Tageya” Gallery, Varna, “Outside – Inside- Outside”
2000 Varna City Exhibition Hall , “A Message to the Third Millennium”
2000 “Parnasos” Gallery, Athens, Greece, “Coming back”
2000 “Arteya” Gallery, Varna, “Tereza’s diaries”
1999 “Gorna Banya” Diplomatic club, Sofia
1999 “Janet” Gallery, Plovdiv, “Colourful Emotions”

“Being a painter with a huge creative potential and imagination, Tereza Zikovska masters with ease and an enviable professionalism the means of expression of the painting. Her artistic nature constantly provokes her to look for experiments and to improvise in the classical easel form of the painting and to emotionally transform it with a new, pure energy.
Tereza’s art is full of existentialism and inner confidence, its repertory is like a puzzle of personal stories, experiences and reflections on life, which she rearranges in order to tame them using her philosophy of life directly, not hiding behind the chaos of the world around us, and this is her way to reach her inner self.”
- Plamena Dimitrova-Racheva, art ctitic